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Utkal Aerospace & Engineering, Bhubaneshwar

Utkal Aerospace & Engineering

  Approved by DGCA, Government of India under CAR 147 (Basic)

Utkal Aerospace and Engineering, Bhubaneswar (ODISHA), which was established in 2006 and is run by Kohinoor Education Services Pvt. Ltd is a strictly technical institution that has been granted permission by the Ministry of Civil Aviation Department, Director General of Civil Aviation, Government of India, to establish an Aircraft Maintenance Engineering course under CAR-147.

Utkal Aerospace and Engineering places its students in both national and international airlines, MROs, flying clubs, aviation institutions, and aviation technical support groups, among other locations in India and beyond, with a focus on delivering Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Courses. UAE has up to twelve workshops to offer the greatest practical education and skill development. UAE will ensure that it follows the curriculum and syllabus approved by the DGCA and prepares the students to appear for the tests required to obtain a licence. Additionally, UAE will often arrange for industry guest faculty members to interact and converse with students.


Aircraft Maintenance Engineering

A crucial figure in aviation, an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME) holds a license from the DGCA, Govt. of India, enabling them to conduct and certify maintenance for Aircraft, engines, and components. Tasked with overseeing technical aspects during ground operations, an AME ensures aircraft adhere to manufacturer maintenance schedules, guaranteeing optimal flying conditions. With sole responsibility for maintenance, overhaul, and clearance certification, an AME plays a pivotal role in aviation safety, ensuring aircraft are airworthy before take-off.

People who pass an AME course might go on to pursue a variety of careers in the aviation sector. They can work for airlines, aviation workshops, manufacturing firms, and organisations that maintain aircraft. Additionally, AME engineers might choose to focus on certain fields like avionics, engines, or airframes. The right licence must be obtained to practise as an AME engineer. Students must pass licencing exams administered by the regulating body, in India's case the DGCA. Their ability to undertake aircraft maintenance and associated activities is certified by their licence.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineers must be conversant with all applicable safety and security guidelines and protocols. Because Aircraft maintenance engineering plays a crucial role in the events that might result in any type of aircraft mishap, all relevant licences and procedures must be adhered to the highest standards. In addition to these responsibilities, aircraft maintenance engineers also make sure that safety laws are followed by DGCA standards and guidelines.

It is necessary to complete an Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Course from the Best AME College in India to become an AME and carry out these tasks and responsibilities efficiently. Several aircraft systems need to be maintained and repaired by aircraft maintenance engineers, who work with some of the most cutting-edge technology available. From a professional standpoint, aircraft maintenance engineering is now seeing tremendous growth in India. India's aviation industry is growing quickly. Airline firms purchase new aircraft and expand their network of air routes each year. In India, the aviation industry is growing at a quicker rate than before. There is a great desire for additional aircraft since it makes large profits. As a result, employers are searching India for youthful, vibrant, and capable aircraft maintenance engineers. Anyone who wants to be creative in their career can choose this course and realise their aspirations of being the best version of themselves.

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