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Academy of Aviation and Engineering

Academy of Aviation and Engineering

  Approved by DGCA, Government of India under CAR 147 (Basic)

The Academy of Aviation and Engineering, a distinguished technical institution, has received official recognition from the Ministry of Civil Aviation Department, Government of India. Established in 2004, this recognition marks a significant milestone in the academy's journey. It empowers the institution to provide specialized Aircraft Maintenance Engineering courses that comply with the stringent CAR-66 & CAR-147 regulations. The foundation of these regulations can be traced back to the venerable Aircraft Act of 1934, which garnered unanimous approval from both the Indian parliament and the Indian government. Key provisions governing civil aviation are outlined in Rules 61 and 133B of the Aircraft Rule 1937, serving as the cornerstone for the academy's curriculum and practices.

The aviation and engineering industry's leading companies have established strategic alliances with the Academy of Aviation and Engineering. Partnerships have been established with reputable organisations including Deccan Chartered Private Limited, GMR Air Cargo Aerospace Engineering Limited, Air India Engineering Services Limited, and Air Works India Engineering Services Limited. These partnerships play a crucial role in enhancing the educational experience by giving students access to real-world business practises and priceless practical expertise.

A top school for prospective aircraft maintenance engineers is the Academy of Aviation and Engineering, which prides itself on following legal requirements and providing hands-on training through esteemed partnerships. It is unwavering in its quest for quality and innovation as it continues to develop the next generation of talent for the engineering and aviation industries.


Aircraft Maintenance Engineering

An individual who possesses the required licences to ensure that an aircraft is airworthy and that national and international aviation standards are followed is known as an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME). These skilled individuals, sometimes referred to as "aircraft maintenance engineers," are in charge of making sure the aircraft is always completely operational and, in the words of pilots, "fit for flight." This vital duty guarantees the passengers and crew members' safety at all times.

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Commercial Pilot Licensing

A Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) is a certification that allows people to fly aircraft. These licences are issued by the regulatory agency in charge of civil aviation, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA). Aspiring pilots may assume control of an aircraft and make a career off of their aviation expertise with a CPL. To be eligible for and utilise this licence, candidates must fulfil the required rating standards and possess a current medical certificate. Normally, a pilot must have 200 flying hours or more to earn a CPL, which is a big accomplishment in their profession.

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Aeronautical Engineering

Aeronautical engineering degrees include the branch of engineering that deals with the science, technology, testing, development, design, and manufacture of aircraft. Within the field of aerospace engineering, the speciality of aeronautical engineering is the application of physics, mathematics, and other disciplines to the construction of aircraft. The proper operation of propulsion systems and sufficient aerodynamic performance are guaranteed by aeronautical engineers.

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Bachelor of Engineering

To become an engineer, one must have a bachelor's degree in engineering, or B. Tech. Students who complete this four-year undergraduate curriculum will have the basic technical knowledge and skills necessary to tackle challenging issues and provide innovative solutions. The art of engineering is the application of scientific ideas to the planning, building, and dissection of devices, systems, and structures. Because of the world's increasing reliance on infrastructure and technology, B.Tech graduates are in high demand and can apply their knowledge to tackle real-world problems.

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BBA Aviation Management

A thorough three-year undergraduate programme, the BBA in Aviation Management focuses on aviation-related courses such as financial accounting, passenger forecasting, airport operations, marketing, and airport planning. Graduates of this programme are capable of managing several facets of airport operations and assuming leadership positions. Students who focus heavily on management and administration in the aviation business become very important assets in this fast-paced field. They learn how to oversee technical divisions, manage personnel, and efficiently plan and organise operations.

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