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Sha Shib Aerospace and Engineering

Sha Shib Aerospace and Engineering

  Approved by DGCA, Government of India under CAR 147 (Basic)

Approved by the Government of India's DGCA, Sha-Shib Aerospace and Engineering is one of India's most reputable and well-known institutes for aircraft maintenance engineering. For over ten years, SAE, which is based in the National Capital Region (NCR), has been shaping applicants into professionals who are prepared for the aviation sector. In the three-year Aircraft Maintenance Engineering degree, we are qualified to offer both academic and technical instruction in categories B1.1-Mechanical and B2-Avionics.

Part of the largest group in South Asia, Sha-Shib Aerospace and Engineering offers the best aircraft maintenance engineering to those who are enthusiastic about pursuing fulfilling careers in the aviation business. Modern practical training possibilities and highly skilled instructors with years of experience working in a genuine environment will guarantee that SAE students keep ahead of the competition in the business. At SAE, we always work to bring out the best in each candidate while offering the greatest training possible. Our efforts and programmes are centred on the welfare of students and developing the bright minds that will steer the country towards prosperity. Approved by the Government of India's DGCA, SAE is one of the top-ranked and most prestigious institutes for aircraft maintenance engineering in the country.

A wide range of workshops and operational models connected to aircraft systems, including the Airframe Shop, Engine Shop, Precision Shop, Welding Shop, Machine Shop, Fitting Shop, Instrument Shop, Radio Shop, Electrical Shop, etc., are fully equipped in the institute to ensure that AME students receive instruction without any compromises. We are delivering instruction through air-conditioned, digitally smart classrooms, which improves understanding and serves as a reminder that technology is becoming an essential component of the educational process. Sha-Shib offers the pupils an immersive curriculum, allowing them to fully capitalise on his wealth of expertise. These curricula, which go beyond conventional instruction and provide students with intense hands-on training to develop their talents, enable them to become leaders in their respective fields.


Aircraft Maintenance Engineering

The only person permitted to verify an aircraft's airworthiness before takeoff in compliance with national and international civil aviation regulations and standards is a licenced aircraft maintenance engineer. Students who complete the professional programme in aircraft maintenance engineering are qualified to certify the airworthiness of an aircraft before each flight or following any small- or large-scale repairs and maintenance. Additionally, after making minor or substantial repairs to an aircraft component, AMEs certify the airworthiness or issue the flying release certificate. Candidates for the field of aircraft maintenance engineering are paid the highest of any engineering discipline worldwide.

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Aeronautical Engineering

A fascinating field of study in science, aeronautical engineering explores the nuances of aircraft design, operation, and the art of creating flight vehicles. This profession aims to expertly create, analyse, and test commercial aircraft for the best performance. It is a harmonic combination of creativity and accuracy. Aspirants stretch the limits of human ingenuity as they set out on this thrilling adventure, uncovering the mysteries of the skies.

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Pilot Training

Commercial Pilot Licensing

In India, becoming a pilot is the most desired career. Individuals who aspire to become pilots must undergo comprehensive training to get the requisite abilities, which include confidence, decision-making, efficient management, and proficient hand-eye coordination. To oversee an aircraft's flight operations safely, candidates must fulfil certain requirements. Pilot training places a strong emphasis on physical fitness, and even after receiving a licence, certain health and fitness requirements must be fulfilled. Being a pilot requires a great deal of discipline.

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