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Section A (Mathematics & Statistics)
Algebra Three-Dimensional Geometry
Calculus Co-ordinate Geometry
Trigonometry Binomial Theorem and its Applications
Statics and Probability Sequence and Series
Sequence and Series
Section B (Physics)
Physical World & Measurements Oscillations & Waves
Kinematics Electrostatics
Laws of Motion Magnetic Effects of Currents & Magnetism
Work Energy & Power Electromagnetic Induction & Alternating Currents
Gravitation Thermodynamics
Electromagnetic Waves Behaviour of Perfect Gas & Kinematic Theory
Atom Molecule & Nuclei Electromagnetic Device
Section C (Chemistry)
Physical Chemistry
Basic concept of chemistry Chemical thermodynamics Solution
State of matter Equilibrium electrochemistry
Atomic structure Surface chemistry
Chemical bonding and molecular structure
Inorganic Chemistry
Basic concept of chemistry Hydrogen
Block elements Environmental chemistry
Section D (General Awareness & General English)
General English
General knowledge