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M. Sc. (Zoology)

Are you interested in unlocking the magic of the animal kingdom? Get a master’s degree in Zoology, and explore the diversity of life, pursue the learning experience through Sha-Shib Group having M.Sc. in Zoology post-graduation program!

Course Overview of M.Sc Zoology

The post-graduation course compiles knowledge of the natural world, from the smallest insects to the largest mammals. The core subjects cover animal behaviour, animal physiology, ecology, evolutionary biology, taxonomy and conservation biology. Practical laboratory sessions involve dissecting specimens, conducting experiments, or analysing data.


To be eligible for application, candidates must have secured 50% marks in the candidate's bachelor's degree preferably graduating in Zoology.

Why Choose Our M.Sc. in Zoology?

Our M Sc course is a pathway towards understanding the animal kingdom. For students who have the passion to become a wildlife biologist, conservationist, or a leading expert in animal behaviour is a perfect fit to join.

Discover the Science of Life:

Knowing animal biology, ecology, and physiology, backed up with cutting-edge research and hands-on laboratory experiences.

Explore the Natural World:

Going on field trips with the guidance of faculty to learn about various diverse ecosystems from jungles to desserts, to see the interconnectedness of life.

Uncover knowledge:

Understanding animal behaviour, genetics, and evolution, and uncovering how life forms adapt and survive in their harsh environments.

World-class Faculty:

Having recognized experts in the field of Zoology, who takes responsibility for guiding the academic journey of students.

Career Opportunities:

Job opportunities are plenty from wildlife research and environmental consulting to education and government positions.

Future & Career prospects

Pursuing M.Sc. is a treasure of opportunities, as well as satisfaction of delving deeper into the fascinating world of animals:-

Research Scientist:

M.Sc. graduates can work in universities, research institutions, or government agencies as research scientists. The scope of research scientists includes studying the behaviour of marine mammals, analysing the genetics of endangered species, or exploring animal physiology.

Wildlife Biologist:

They are the guardians of flora and fauna of the planet. Wildlife biologists count and analyse the animal populations in natural habitats. They also focus on animal conservation, behaviour, and ecology. Usually, a lot of job opportunities are there in national parks, wildlife reserves, and environmental consulting firms.

Conservation Officer:

For the purpose of conservation of jungles conservation officers are recruited. They follow the rules and regulations set by the forest ministry and counter poaching and illegal tusk trade. They help in maintaining biodiversity and safeguarding the balance of nature.

Zoo or Aquarium Curator:

For candidates with having passion for animal research and care, a satisfying career in zoo curation is perfect. Curators care for animals in captivity, ensuring their well-being and strategizing their breeding programs. They are also instrumental in educating the public about wildlife conservation.

Environmental Consultant:

These professionals are decision makers who approve or disapprove mega projects without impacting the environment. They work with businesses, government agencies, and nonprofit organisations towards economic growth without disturbing the harmony of nature.


Teachers are science communicators, who share their knowledge and enthusiasm to build the best graduates to pass out from colleges. They guide students to become authors, educators, wildlife photographers, or documentary filmmakers towards achieving bio-diversity.

Museum Curator:

Museums provide a clear view of the natural history of our planet. The scope of museum curators includes tasks such as zoology, curate collections, design exhibitions, and conduct research.

Apply Now and Know more about knowledge and opportunities collide!

Never miss the opportunity to turn the passion to understand the animal kingdom into a rewarding career. Join M.Sc. in Zoology course from institute under Sha-Shib Group to begin a journey of discovery, conservation, and scientific excellence.

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