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Get scholarships worth ₹4 crores!

The Sha-Shib Scholarship and Aptitude Test (SSAT) is a nationwide entrance examination organised for students seeking admission in various fields such as Aviation, Science & Management, and Engineering. This test is proudly supported by the Sha-Shib Group of Institutions. Its primary goal is to identify promising candidates for their chosen courses and provide scholarships based on the terms and conditions outlined by SSAT. The Sha-Shib Group extends these scholarships for its courses, available across its diverse campuses all over India.

The SSAT serves as a gateway, both nationally and internationally, for 10+2 students, enabling them to secure spots in the finest colleges based on their SSAT-24 ranking. The core essence of SSAT-24 lies in its profound ability to unearth the most fitting candidates, handpicking them for their preferred courses, while also extending a gracious hand through scholarships, woven intricately with the terms and conditions set forth by SSAT. It offers an exceptional opportunity for candidates to pursue studies in a range of captivating disciplines, including Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME), Aeronautical Engineering, Commercial Pilot License, Computer Science Engineering, Electronics & Communication Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, AME with graduation dual course and more. These programs are expertly curated by institutes under the umbrella of SSGI.

In essence, SSAT-24 stands as a key that unlocks doors to educational excellence and professional growth. It is an exciting journey towards realising dreams, gaining knowledge, and embarking on a path towards success, all made possible through the guidance of SSAT and the opportunities offered by the Sha-Shib Group.