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Hindustan Aerospace and Engineering

Hindustan Aerospace and Engineering

  Approved by DGCA, Government of India under CAR 147 (Basic)

Hindustan Aerospace and Engineering, situated in Pune, has been at the forefront of aviation technology since it received authorization from the Director General of Civil Aviation, Government of India, in 2005 to offer an aircraft maintenance engineering degree. With ISO 9001:2015 certification for Aircraft Maintenance Engineering quality management systems, the institution ensures a high standard of education and training.

Hindustan Aerospace and Engineering has made a name for itself as a pioneer in the aviation industry, receiving exceptional praise on a national and worldwide scale. After receiving their DGCA licence, graduates of their Aircraft Maintenance Engineering programme have gone on to land jobs with esteemed Indian and international airlines. The knowledge and professionalism of Hindustan Aerospace and Engineering alumni have helped domestic airlines like Air India, Go Air, Indigo, Spice Jet, Air Asia, Vistara Airlines, and international carriers like Gulf Air, Qatar Airways, Etihad Airways, Emirates Airline, Trans Maldivian Airways, Oman Air, British Airways, and Singapore Airlines. This organisation is still very important in forming the careers of aviation professionals and maintaining the effectiveness and safety of the sector.


Aircraft Maintenance Engineering

The respected and responsible area of aircraft maintenance engineering (AME) is essential to maintaining the safety and airworthiness of aircraft. Before an aircraft is permitted to enter service, AMEs have the vital duty of confirming that it is airworthy or that none of its components are defective. To put it simply, their duties involve carrying out, confirming, and coordinating significant overhauls and repairs on aircraft, power plants, and associated parts by local, national, and international aviation regulations.

Employed by a variety of organisations, such as airlines, maintenance and repair businesses, and flying clubs, aviation maintenance engineers supervise the certification of their aircraft and parts by regulatory standards. One of the aviation industry's most promising job choices is aircraft maintenance engineering. Before an aircraft takes to the air, AMEs are tasked with making sure it meets all of the government of India's strict regulations. A person must finish an AME course provided by an organisation approved by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) to pursue a career in AME. These accredited schools offer DGCA-approved curricula and hold internal assessments that students must pass to finish the programme. Hindustan Aerospace and Engineering (HAE) in Pune has been granted authorization by the DGCA of the Government of India to provide Mechanical B1 and B2 AME Courses. This highlights HAE's dedication to educating and developing proficient aircraft maintenance engineers.

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