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Aerospace Research and Development Centre (ARDC)

Aerospace Research and Development Centre (ARDC)

  Approved by DGCA, Government of India under CAR 147 (Basic)

The Aerospace Research and Development Centre (ARDC), which is based in Jamshedpur, India, is an established college for aircraft maintenance engineering. It offers education and meets all international requirements. ARDC is a reputable Indian AME college that has been approved by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) to offer both academic and practical training. Prominent businesses including GMR Aero Technic Limited, Go Air Private Limited, Indamer Aviation Private Limited, Air India Engineering Service Limited, and Air Works Private Limited are among those with which ARDC has strategic ties. Due to ARDC's outstanding on-campus recruiting record, most of its students are guaranteed jobs with respectable companies. An excellent Indian college offering courses in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) is ARDC, Jamshedpur. An aviation sector profession is highly promising for those who pursue an AME education.

The Aerospace Research and Development Centre is one of the top organisations of the large Sha-Shib Group. The organisation is now influencing three nations and has made great progress towards realising its objective. We aggressively encourage aspirants to join our universities in addition to our industrial presence in India, stimulating innovation to address issues of the twenty-first century. Enhancing individual achievement is our goal, and we strive to do this through our top-notch faculty, friendly setting, and creative, entertaining, all-encompassing learning environment.

The Aerospace Research and Development Centre (ARDC), one of the best Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Colleges in India, is known for its cutting-edge facilities, committed and knowledgeable faculty, and supportive learning atmosphere. Nestled inside the SHA-SHIB GROUP, this Aircraft Maintenance Engineering College is one of the biggest and most prominent in Asia, prioritising innovation and development.


Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME)

The goal of the comprehensive Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) program is to train students in the upkeep, overhaul, and repair of aircraft. Aerodynamics concepts, propulsion systems, materials science, aircraft building, design, and operation are only a few of the many aviation-related topics that are thoroughly studied. The programme for Aircraft Maintenance Engineering is designed to provide students with the theoretical knowledge and practical skills necessary to maintain and repair aircraft, hence guaranteeing their safe and effective operation. The course covers a wide range of subjects, such as engine systems, avionics, electrical systems, aircraft structures, and aviation maintenance methods and procedures.

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AME B1.1

The B1.1 Aircraft Maintenance Engineering course is specifically made for aircraft with jet turbine engines, such as turbofan, turbojet, and turboprop engines. Business jets, commercial airlines, and some military aircraft often use these engine types. B1.1 certified individuals are capable of doing maintenance and repairs on the engine itself as well as any associated systems.

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Aircraft Maintenance Engineering B1.2

A specialised branch of the Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) licence awarded by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) in India is Mechanical B1.2 Aircraft Maintenance Engineering. With this licence, an AME can do maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO), particularly on the aircraft's mechanical systems and parts. A B1.2 AME licence holder is authorised to supervise the upkeep of aircraft powered by piston engines and all related systems and parts.

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B2 Avionics

The inspection and maintenance of aircraft electrical, radio, and navigation systems are all under the control of the Avionics Stream. After completing the Avionics Stream, students who pass all of the CEO and DGCA's Basic Knowledge Module Examinations and meet the maintenance experience requirements listed in DGCA Civil Aviation Requirement-66 will be qualified to obtain an Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Licence in Category B2.

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