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B.A. (History - Political Science - Sociology)

Courses Overview

A vibrant interdisciplinary programme, the BA in History, Political Science, and Sociology provides students with a thorough grasp of the social, political, and historical factors that influence societies. The past, present, and future of societal institutions, government, and human interaction are all explored in this integrated curriculum.

History courses look at how societies, cultures, and historical occurrences have changed over time. Studies in political science examine the intricacies of authority, government, international relations, and policy-making. Sociology classes analyse social practices, disparities, institutions, and cultural norms in order to foster critical thinking about how people interact with one another. To solve global concerns and effectively participate in public debate, students will acquire critical research, conceptual, as well as communication abilities. Graduates of this programme will be well-suited for jobs in government, academia, non-profit organisations, media, policy analysis, research, and other fields because they will have a deep understanding of societies, governance structures, and historical settings. This programme equips students to understand the complexities of our linked world and engage intelligently with its multifarious concerns via a balanced combination of historical investigation, political analysis, and sociological exploration.

Eligibility Criteria

To be admitted to this multidisciplinary programme, prospective students must complete specified eligibility requirements for the BA in History, Political Science, and Sociology. The typical qualifying conditions are outlined in the following regulations:

Education requirements: Candidates must have earned their upper secondary education (10+2) with honours from a reputable educational board or institution. It is frequently recommended to have a background in the humanities, social sciences, or similar subjects.

Course Syllabus

This course offers a special combination of topics that broadens the candidate's knowledge, fosters a highly adaptable atmosphere, and offers chances to advance in the relevant profession. A comprehensive perspective on the riddles of human behaviour is facilitated by psychology. Concepts regarding human behaviour and the mind are covered in the curriculum, together with the most recent ideas and problems in fields including social behaviour, motivation, well-being, human development, sports, as well as health. Candidates can learn about culture, language, and conversation in the writings of poets as well as authors of popular literature by taking English Literature classes. The curriculum of the course includes sociopolitical, linguistic, aesthetic, as well as cultural settings that support and rekindle the student's academic curiosity in literature and culture.

A BA program's skill development courses can aid students in expanding their knowledge, improving their adaptability, and advancing their jobs. The Course Structure also provides programs, such as those that focus on life skills and skill development.

Future and Career Prospects

In the upcoming years, there should be an increase in demand for BA graduates in history, political science, and sociology. This is a result of the growing need for individuals with these talents in a number of industries, including government, business, and education. A degree in political science and history can pave the way for successful careers in local and state governments, business, legal connections, and non-profit organizations (NGOs), as well as in campaign administration and participation in elections, journalism, research, and higher education.

Job Roles

  • Academic researcher
  • Journalist
  • Civil service administrator
  • Editorial assistant
  • Government organisations
  • NGOs
  • Political scientists
  • Constituency Managers
  • Lawyers
  • Public relations specialists
  • Civil Service
  • Teaching, and Research.

A reputable educational institution, Sha Shib Group, provides Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree programs in Sociology, Political Science, and History. We are committed to offering BA degree courses in Sociology, History, and Political Science that provide learners for both academic and practical difficulties. With an emphasis on excellence, seasoned staff, cutting-edge facilities, and a dedication to comprehensive growth, this institution has established a reputation as a center for academic growth and intellectual advancement in various fields. Students of the BA programs offered by Sha Shib Group are well-equipped to start rewarding careers or continue their education in the disciplines they have chosen.

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