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B.A. (Economics - Political Science - Sociology)

An interdisciplinary curriculum is used in the Bachelor of Arts (BA) programme in Economics, Political Science, as well as Sociology to offer students a thorough grasp of these important social sciences. Students may investigate the intricate interactions between the investigation of society, politics, as well as economics through this innovative program's holistic approach. Students get a thorough grasp of economic theory, regulations, and practical applications through the economics course. The curriculum of the course is designed to instil intellectual maturity and analytical abilities necessary to understand the complexity of how the economy functions. It offers a theoretical foundation in the field of economics and is further supported by applications in real-world situations.

The goal of political science is to educate people about important political institutions, ideas, and goals. An individual can study the art of administration and governance through training. The course will provide insight into how a country operates and aid in understanding how to decipher and evaluate political systems. It also includes the study of governance, administration, governmental policy, global relations, and public affairs in both historical and current contexts. The theoretical as well as methodological aspects of sociology are highlighted. An organised approach to sociological studies in India is accorded equal weight. Students are confronted with numerous sociological viewpoints and develop the abilities needed to comprehend a variety of social phenomena from these viewpoints.

Eligibility Criteria

Prospective students must fulfil specific eligibility requirements for the BA in History, Political Science, and Sociology to be accepted to this interdisciplinary curriculum. The following regulations list the typical eligibility requirements:

prerequisites for education: The candidates' must complete their +2 from a recognised educational board or institution.

Course Syllabus

A thorough grasp of society, politics, and economics is given to students in the multidisciplinary Bachelor of Arts (BA) programme in Economics, Political Science, and Sociology. This three-year undergraduate programme offers a wide curriculum designed to give students the ability to think critically, conduct effective research, and build a solid knowledge basis. Students who complete this multidisciplinary programme have a comprehensive knowledge foundation and a variety of abilities that enable them to quickly adapt to a variety of professional opportunities, including social work, journalism, finance, and more. It encourages ethical decision-making, effective communication, and critical thinking, all of which are necessary skills for success in today's challenging international environment.

Here's a glimpse of the syllabus:

  • done Second Language: Proficiency in a language of choice while adhering to university requirements.
  • done To improve language and communication skills, take the English: A Course in Communication and Soft Skills course.
  • done Human Values as well as Professional Ethics Courses: Promoting the use of moral and ethical principles in judgement.
  • done Leadership and Personality Growth: Developing leadership skills and self-assurance.
  • done Environmental education is spreading knowledge about environmental problems and sustainable living.
  • done Public relations programmes that help students better understand networking and interpersonal dynamics.
  • done Financial Markets: A description of the stock markets, expenditures, and world of finance.
  • done Social work: A description of community involvement and social welfare.

Future and Career Prospects

Graduates with a degree in public policy and administration can find employment in government, or nonprofit, or conduct research, and assess political and economic trends. Research and Analysis: Graduates can pursue professions as research analysts in a variety of sectors, such as the social sciences, the field of economics or market research, due to their excellent research abilities acquired via their multidisciplinary studies.

Social work: By using information from sociology as well as political science, social workers may assist people and communities with a range of social problems.

Graduates with a degree in journalism or media can work as journalists, political analysts, or content producers who can offer their perspectives on current political and economic events and trends.

Leading educational organisation Sha-Shib Group offers BA Economics, Political Science, and Sociology undergraduate (UG) courses. Sha-Shib Group, with a strong focus on high-quality education, offers a vibrant learning environment where students may investigate the complex relationships between economics, political science, and sociology. To prepare graduates for a variety of job choices and further academic interests, their programmes place a strong emphasis on critical thinking, research, and interdisciplinary abilities.

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