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B.Sc. (Fashion Apparel Design)

The B.Sc. Fashion and Apparel Design program is an undergraduate course encompassing the dynamic fields of fashion and interior design. This program equips students with a comprehensive understanding of the fashion industry, spanning textile creation, design, production, and marketing. Tailored for individuals with innate creative talents, this Bachelor of Science degree empowers students to thrive in their natural abilities. The curriculum blends impeccable craftsmanship with industry-relevant expertise, nurturing students to become industry-savvy professionals. From foundational technical and design skills to advanced competencies, this program aligns with contemporary industry demands.

This Bachelor of Science course in Fashion Apparel Design leverages modern technologies to enhance the learning experience. Students actively engage in organizing and managing fashion shows, gaining valuable insights into industry operations. With its progressive structure, this program mirrors the expanding horizons of fashion, offering abundant career opportunities in clothing and accessory design and production.


An aspirant seeking admission in BSc Fashion Apparel Design must have cleared the class 12/intermediate final examination from a recognized board of education.

Course Syllabus

Enrolling in a Bachelor of Science program in Fashion Apparel Design will empower students with the knowledge and skills needed to master the craft of apparel production, harmoniously blending creativity and precision. This comprehensive program covers a spectrum of vital subjects, including product development, illustration, computer-aided design, 3D design, pattern making, and garment construction. Alongside technical proficiency, students will cultivate problem-solving acumen and refine their communication skills, equipping them for success in the dynamic world of fashion and apparel.

The B.Sc. The fashion Apparel Design program boasts a diverse and comprehensive syllabus, equipping students with a holistic understanding of the fashion industry. Here's an overview of the course modules:

  • done Fiber and Yarn Science: Delve into the fundamentals of fibers and yarns, exploring their properties, characteristics, and applications in the textile industry.
  • done Elements of Design and Fashion: Unleash your creativity by studying the core elements of design and fashion, and learning how to craft aesthetically pleasing and innovative clothing.
  • done Basics of Pattern Making and Sewing: Master the essential skills of pattern making and sewing, laying the foundation for creating garments with precision and style.
  • done Fabric Analysis: Gain expertise in fabric analysis, understanding the intricacies of different textiles and their suitability for various fashion creations
  • done Basics of Garment Construction: Learn the art of garment construction, where you'll transform fabric into wearable pieces, honing your practical craftsmanship.
  • done Computer Fundamentals: Acquire essential computer skills, vital for modern fashion apparel design, including computer-aided design (CAD) applications.
  • done Fashion Accessories: Explore the world of fashion accessories, including jewelry, bags, and other supplementary elements that complete an outfit.
  • done Apparel Production: Dive into the intricacies of large-scale apparel production, preparing you for the demands of the fashion industry
  • done Apparel Quality Assurance: Focus on maintaining quality standards throughout the production process, ensuring that the final products meet industry benchmarks.

Career and prospects

Within this program, students have the option to specialize in one of two distinct concentrations: fashion merchandising or apparel design. The curriculum has been meticulously crafted to equip students for a multitude of fashion industry careers, providing them with proficiencies in apparel and textile design, as well as the intricacies of retail management. The fashion and apparel sector is a rapidly evolving field, offering exposure to transformative technologies such as virtual design testing interfaces, predictive consumer choice algorithms, and innovative materials. In this dynamic landscape, career opportunities abound, and many institutions now offer specialized degrees tailored to this burgeoning industry. A Bachelor of Science degree in fashion opens doors to a wide range of diverse career prospects. Graduates are prepared for roles spanning from clothing designers to fashion editors, with options to venture into the retail sector, media, or even become art directors for fashion magazines. Those with fashion design degrees are well-suited for positions within the fashion retail industry, engaging in activities like merchandising, buying, selling, and fashion coordination. Additionally, these degrees serve as pathways to further education, although the majority of graduates opt to embark on rewarding careers in fashion design following their undergraduate studies.

Sha Shib Group is a leading educational institution dedicated to nurturing talent and fostering innovation in the field of fashion and apparel design. With a strong commitment to academic excellence and industry relevance, we offer a dynamic BSc Fashion Apparel Design course. Our program empowers students with a comprehensive understanding of fashion principles, textiles, pattern making, and garment construction. Taught by experienced faculty and supported by state-of-the-art facilities, our students gain practical experience and industry exposure. Sha Shib Group's connections with fashion brands and designers ensure a wide range of opportunities.

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