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Aircraft Maintenance Engineering + BBA (General/Aviation)

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) is a specialized field within aviation that focuses on the maintenance, repair, and inspection of aircraft to ensure their safety, airworthiness, and optimal performance. AMEs are aviation professionals responsible for keeping aircraft in top condition, and their work is crucial for the safety of passengers and crew. Dual courses typically combine the practical skills of AME with the theoretical knowledge of another discipline, such as business, science, or engineering. This results in graduates who possess a diverse skill set, making them more adaptable in the aviation industry. The AME+ BBA dual course program combines the essential skills of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) with a comprehensive understanding of business principles. In the AME component, students acquire expertise in aircraft maintenance, repair, and safety, gaining practical experience in working with actual aircraft structures and engines. Simultaneously, the BBA component equips them with a broad spectrum of business knowledge encompassing marketing, finance, human resources, management, and various facets of business operations.

This unique dual program not only hones their aircraft maintenance skills but also nurtures their abilities in management, finance, and business operations. Graduates are well-prepared to excel in both the aviation and business sectors, offering a diverse skill set. Following completion of the AME course, students undergo a license examination conducted by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) to become certified AME technicians, further enhancing their career prospects in the aviation industry. Dual programs provide graduates with a wider range of career options. They can choose to work in their primary field of AME or explore opportunities in the additional field they studied.


Individuals aspiring to enroll in this course should have successfully completed their 12th-grade education with Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics as their primary subjects from a recognized board, university, or an equivalent educational institution.

Course Syllabus

The course syllabus for an AME+BBA (Aircraft Maintenance Engineering and Bachelor of Business Administration) dual program combines aviation maintenance expertise with comprehensive business knowledge. The core subjects of an AME+BBA dual course program encompass a fusion of aviation maintenance engineering (AME) and business administration (BBA). In the AME component, students delve into aircraft systems, maintenance procedures, aviation safety, and engineering principles. Simultaneously, the BBA component equips them with vital business acumen, including management, marketing, finance, and entrepreneurship. This interdisciplinary program's core subjects typically include aviation fundamentals, aircraft inspection, aircraft structures, business communication, principles of marketing, financial management, aviation regulations, and aviation project management. This well-rounded curriculum cultivates graduates with a broad skill set, poised to excel in various roles within the aviation industry, from aircraft maintenance to aviation management, marketing, and beyond.

Job opportunities

Graduates of AME+BBA dual courses are equipped with a unique skill set that combines technical expertise in aircraft maintenance engineering (AME) with a strong foundation in business administration (BBA). This diverse background opens up a wide range of job opportunities in the aviation industry and related sectors. Here are some of the job opportunities for AME+BBA dual course graduates:

  • done Aircraft Maintenance Manager: Graduates can take on leadership roles in aircraft maintenance and oversee the planning and execution of maintenance activities, ensuring compliance with regulations and optimizing maintenance schedules.
  • done Aviation Project Manager: They can manage aviation-related projects, such as aircraft refurbishments, fleet expansions, or facility upgrades, ensuring projects are completed on time and within budget.
  • done Aviation Sales and Marketing: Graduates can work in sales and marketing roles for aviation companies, promoting aircraft, aviation services, or aviation-related products to clients worldwide.
  • done Aviation Safety Officer: Graduates can focus on aviation safety, assessing and mitigating risks within aviation operations, and ensuring compliance with safety regulations.
  • done Aircraft Operations Manager: They can manage day-to-day aircraft operations for airlines, charter companies, or other aviation organizations, overseeing flight scheduling, ground operations, and logistics.
  • done Aviation Business Analyst: Graduates can analyze aviation market trends, operational data, and financial metrics to make informed business decisions, optimize operations, and improve profitability.

Sha-Shib Group stands as an esteemed institution renowned for its avant-garde AME+BBA dual course program. It is characterized by an unwavering commitment to educational excellence and pioneering innovation. The institution empowers students with a distinctive opportunity to seamlessly integrate the technical mastery of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) with the strategic acumen of Business Administration (BBA). This holistic program is tailored to prepare graduates for multifaceted roles within the ever-evolving aviation industry, emphasizing a harmonious blend of aviation expertise and business proficiency.

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