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Sha Shib College of Science and Management, Bhopal

Sha Shib College of Science and Management

  Affiliated to Barkatullah Vishwavidyalaya, Bhopal

Sha-Shib College of Science & Management was established in 1997. For its B.Ed programmes, Barkatullah University's Institute of Management & Technologies—which is accredited by the M.P. government and provides undergraduate and graduate programmes in science, commerce, management, computer science, electronics, and information technology—is associated with the NCTE. Sha Shib College of Science and Management is dedicated to providing each student with a warm, supportive environment where they can achieve their professional goals. They place a special focus on character development and provide high-quality instruction in all subject areas. Today's students are given the tools they need to face the future with confidence at Sha-Shib College of Science & Management, where they are taught by exceptional and well-known educators in the field.


Bachelor of Arts

The bachelor of arts is an undergraduate degree that allows for specialisation in a variety of academic fields, including the humanities and the arts subjects. A BA often offers a student more academic alternatives and a broader education than a Bachelor of Science. In addition to improving your writing, critical thinking, analysis, and communication abilities, this course can help you get a deeper understanding and awareness of culture.

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Master of Science

Individuals can pursue postgraduate degrees, such as a Master of Science (MSc) degree, after receiving a bachelor's degree. Students can specialise in STEM fields—science, technology, engineering, or math—and seek further education because of it. Having a Master of Science degree and working in the STEM fields is essential since it broadens one's knowledge and skill set. It could provide access to new career paths, some of which would pay more. A Master of Science degree may be necessary to pursue a PhD in the same field and a job in academia.

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Master of Arts

A postgraduate degree that broadens one's knowledge in the humanities, social sciences, and creative areas is the Master of Arts (MA). Acquiring a Master of Arts degree can enhance your professional prospects, improve your skills, and equip you to pursue lifelong learning. Enrolling in an MA degree can help you gain the knowledge and skills necessary for a variety of careers, such as those in education, languages, art and design, journalism, communications, and human services.

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Master of Commerce

An M. Com degree is recommended for those who wish to work in finance, investing, banking, or accounting. Students who want to join this two-year programme should have a basic understanding of business and economics. Those who earned a minimum grade point of 50% in their bachelor's degree in commerce (BCom, BCom Honours) are eligible to enrol in the M. Com course.

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"BBA," or Bachelor of Business Administration, refers to a bachelor's degree in business administration. Students with a BBA degree frequently go on to work in management or entrepreneurship. Conversely, many people could use the degree as a starting point for a career in teaching, real estate, marketing, accountancy, or finance.

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The BCA is a well-known undergraduate bachelor's degree curriculum in the disciplines of computer science and information technology. All facets of computer operation are covered in this three-year degree curriculum, including database management systems, programming languages, web design and technology, laboratories for graphics and animation, etc.

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A Bachelor of Business (B. Com) is an undergraduate degree curriculum in business and associated subjects. Students majoring in this profession can go on to work as chartered accountants, bankers, corporate accountants, and in many other managerial roles.

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Upon completion of an undergraduate degree programme, people are awarded a Bachelor of Science degree, sometimes known as a BSc degree. A B.Sc. is the most sought-after undergraduate bachelor's degree among students who pass the 10+2 exam with a major in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, or Biology (for a B.Sc. in Bio areas).

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An undergraduate professional training course that prepares you for a career in teaching and related sectors is a bachelor's degree in education.

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