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Aircraft Maintenance Engineering + BCA

Course Overview

A dual program merging Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) with a Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) offers students a unique opportunity to acquire skills highly sought-after in the aviation industry. AME, a technically focused course, delves into aircraft structures, systems, engines, avionics, and aircraft operations. Concurrently, BCA imparts a deep understanding of computer science principles, encompassing computer programming, software development, networking, and various computer science domains. This dual program synergistically equips students with the expertise required to design and develop computer systems and software. Integrating BCA with Aircraft Maintenance Engineering not only combines aircraft maintenance, repair, and safety but also enhances proficiency in software development, networking, and computer systems design. Completing Aircraft Maintenance Engineering with BCA not only leads to AME licensure but also transforms students into professionals skilled in both aircraft maintenance and advanced computer applications and software development. Graduates are poised for employment opportunities with prestigious companies that value their enhanced skills in both computer applications and software development. The Bachelor in Computer Application is an undergraduate program encompassing comprehensive computer operation subjects, programming languages, web technologies, and more. Within this realm, Sha Shib Group extends an enticing proposition by providing a dual degree program that intertwines Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) with BCA. This distinctive combination not only imparts aircraft maintenance expertise and an AME license but also cultivates technical proficiency. Graduates emerge as skilled professionals, well-equipped for prominent roles across industries, thanks to their heightened aptitude in computer application and software development.

Educational Qualifications

Aspirants who want to opt for this course should have passed the qualifying examination with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics as main subjects in 12th from a recognised board or university or equivalent.

Course Syllabus

The AME+BCA dual course program is one such distinctive amalgamation. This program seamlessly blends the realms of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) and Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) to produce well-rounded professionals equipped with both aviation expertise and IT prowess. The syllabus for this program is a captivating blend of aviation mechanics and cutting-edge technology. Students delve into the intricacies of aircraft maintenance practices, aircraft structures and systems, avionics, and aviation regulations. Simultaneously, they embark on a journey through the world of computer science, learning programming fundamentals, database management, web development, cybersecurity, and more. This dual course program is designed to produce graduates who are not only adept at ensuring the safety and reliability of aircraft but also proficient in harnessing the power of information technology for aviation applications. It's a program where the skies meet the digital frontier, offering an exciting and promising career path for those who dare to explore the possibilities at the intersection of these two dynamic fields.

Job Opportunities

A dual course program that combines AME (Aircraft Maintenance Engineering) and BCA (Bachelor of Computer Applications) offers graduates a unique skill set that spans both aviation and information technology. This combination can open up diverse job opportunities in various sectors. Here are some potential job opportunities for individuals who complete an AME+BCA dual course program:

  • done Aircraft Maintenance and Avionics Engineer: Graduates can work as aircraft maintenance engineers with a strong IT background. They can maintain and troubleshoot aircraft systems, including avionics, using their technical skills and knowledge of computer applications.
  • done Aviation Software Developer: With a BCA background, graduates can develop software solutions specifically designed for the aviation industry. This could include aviation maintenance management software, flight planning systems, or aviation safety applications.
  • done Aircraft Manufacturing and Design: Graduates can work with aircraft manufacturers or design firms, contributing to the development of new aircraft or improving existing ones. Their dual expertise can be valuable in creating more advanced and efficient aviation technologies.
  • done Aerospace Technology Consultant: Graduates can offer consultancy services to aerospace companies, advising them on the integration of technology, software, and maintenance practices to optimize their operations.
  • done Aviation Safety Inspector: They can work as aviation safety inspectors for regulatory authorities, ensuring that airlines and maintenance organizations comply with safety regulations and maintain high standards of safety and security.
  • done Airport Management and Operations: Graduates can pursue roles in airport management, where their knowledge of IT systems and aviation maintenance can help streamline airport operations and enhance passenger experiences.

Sha-Shib Group is a leading educational institution that offers an innovative and comprehensive AME+BCA dual course program for students. With a strong commitment to nurturing versatile professionals, Sha-Shib Group equips students with a unique skill set that combines Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) and Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA). This dynamic dual program empowers graduates to excel in both aviation and IT sectors, opening doors to diverse career opportunities. With a focus on academic excellence, practical training, and industry-relevant curriculum, Sha-Shib Group ensures that students are well-prepared for the ever-evolving demands of the aviation and technology industries.

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