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Quetzal Air Hostess & Hospitality Academy

Quetzal Air Hostess & Hospitality Academy

QAHA's mission is to assist each student in realising their potential in the aviation and hospitality sectors. Additional training in ground staff/hotel management, travel and tourism, and other subjects are provided to students enrolled in the cabin crew training programme at no additional cost. Students might explore comparable career possibilities in the hospitality business if they are unable to pass employment interviews for a particular stream.

The mission of Quetzal Air Hostess & Hospitality Academy (QAHA) is to guarantee that every student has excellent instruction and a plethora of professional chances in the field. Students' personalities are developed, their skills and knowledge are improved, and they are given the mentorship and careful instruction they need to succeed in their chosen vocations. This makes students perfect prospects for jobs in the Indian and global aviation and hospitality industries, especially when combined with interview skills and strong self-presentation.

QAHA does this by providing each student with thorough instruction and mentoring in all courses offered, resulting in a programme that blends academic and vocational training. The objective is to produce applicants who satisfy the criteria of the world's leading customer service businesses and possess unmatched competence.


Air hostess and cabin crew Training

A member of the cabin crew has always had a very high regard for their work profile. This is because the job's obligations and responsibilities involve not just glamour but also a high level of safety. The primary responsibility of cabin crew is to ensure the comfort and safety of passengers during the flight, all while providing exceptional customer service. Cabin crew members have the opportunity to broaden their horizons and explore different places during their careers. While on duty as well as living in the lap of luxury, airline crew members have the chance to travel the world, pick up new languages, see undiscovered places, and broaden their horizons, knowledge, and abilities. They also spend their overnight stays at various destinations in the greatest hotels.

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Ground Staff Training

Personnel assigned to do tasks on the ground are referred to as ground stewards or stewardesses. Employees of airlines and other firms are stationed at airports to facilitate the efficient movement of travellers and their belongings to and from their aircraft. An individual who carries out this responsibility is referred to as a passenger service agent, ground personnel, ground steward, or stewardess.

Airlines employ ground crew to assist passengers before, during, and following a trip. Employees in this role interact extensively with the public, responding to inquiries and helping travellers with a range of requirements. Since airports are open throughout the clock, work hours may be rather exciting.

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Travel and Tourism

The job of the travel agent is to provide housing, transportation, and tour packages along with entertainment activities for people and groups looking to escape the everyday grind. They can advise customers on the best holiday package based on their needs because they are knowledgeable about many worldwide places.

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Hotel Management

Individuals assigned to ground tasks are known as ground stewards or stewardesses. Staff personnel are essential to the day-to-day operations of hotels throughout the globe.

Each department employs skilled personnel who are in charge of providing the hotel's visitors with flawless service. Every department reports to its manager, who is in charge of making sure that the tasks are completed in compliance with the hotel's policies and procedures. Hotel management involves planning, coordinating, and directing all hotel services, such as front desk staff, reception, concierge, and bookings, as well as cleaning and food and beverage operations.

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General Marketing

A comprehensive understanding of running any type of organization is called general marketing. Along with the ability to multitask and contribute to any organization, this skill is helpful when entering the job market. This is especially beneficial for the growing number of young entrepreneurs who are eager to start their ventures today.

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Vocational Program+ Bachelor Degree

The Quetzal Air Hostess and Hospitality Academy (QAHA) provides a three-year program that enables you to pursue a bachelor's degree programme in general marketing, hotel management & hospitality, travel & tourism management, ground staff training, as well as cabin crew training. The programmes are the most career-focused in the aviation sector, with durations ranging from three to twelve months.

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