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Sha Shib Flying Academy

Sha Shib Flying Academy

  Approved by DGCA, Government of India under CAR 147 (Basic)

Sha-Shib Flying Academy is one of the first academic institutions and a member of the Sha-Shib group of establishments. Our academy in India offers a wide range of aviation and pilot training courses. The Indian government-approved flying school, DGCA (Director General of Civil Aviation), has been run by SFA since 2008. SFA is headquartered at the hangars at Guna Airport in Guna, Madhya Pradesh, and is recognised as one of the best flying schools in India.

At the moment, SFA is flying three single-engine aircraft. Ground school classrooms are air-conditioned and equipped with modern audio-visual technology. The key to SFA's success is our capacity to train our pilots in compliance with aviation industry standards. Our outstanding placement record has helped our graduates land jobs with corporate jets, flying schools, and leading airlines in India. to encourage extraordinary individuals to pursue careers in aviation and help them recognise that it may be a profitable career choice. to emerge as the primary provider of skilled aviation labour in India, capable of meeting the industry's demands both today and in the future.

Sha Shib Flying Academy provides thorough instruction that covers everything from the beginning to the end of your licence. It is structured as a single course with several components. This will allow you to start flying as soon as you graduate from Sha-Shib Flying Academy, a central location for both novice and experienced pilots. One of the most prestigious and lucrative jobs in the world is piloting, which requires regular international travel. Our courses enable you to achieve your goals. SFA offers the newest, most technologically advanced aircraft accessible.

The goal of Sha-Shib Flying Academy is to develop responsible and secure aviation professionals. Our primary objective is to provide pilots with the best possible training, in compliance with the rules set forth by the Director-General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) of India and the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO). Our academy, which is outfitted with contemporary training aircraft, offers prospective pilots a setting that is favourable to obtaining a commercial pilot licence. We streamline operational operations and keep electronic training records by using the web-based Education and Training Administration (ETA) software from Talon Systems. With the help of this approach, we can improve our training techniques over time. Sha-Shib Flying Academy, one of the best pilot training schools in India, welcomes aspirants and mentors them towards rewarding jobs with superior technical instruction.


Aircraft Maintenance Engineering

The famous field of aircraft maintenance engineering (AME) relies heavily on licenced professionals to certify aircraft and component airworthiness. This is a really serious profession that requires a great deal of decency. By national and international aviation standards, AMEs perform and certify major repairs, overhauls, and maintenance on aircraft, power plants, and related accessories. AMEs are used by airlines, maintenance companies, flying clubs, and other entities to make sure their aircraft and parts comply with laws and regulations before being put into operation. A job with a feeling of responsibility and quality can be found in plenty in the aviation industry, with aircraft maintenance engineering standing out as one of the most promising disciplines.

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Pilot Training

Commercial Pilot Training

Obtaining a commercial pilot licence enables people to operate aeroplanes for pay in a professional capacity. Candidates can pursue fulfilling careers in government or privately held domestic and international airlines after earning their certification. To become a commercial pilot is the ultimate form of fulfilment in the aviation industry. To receive the licence, candidates must complete a minimum of 200 hours of flying experience and pass all necessary DGCA examinations.

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Private Pilot Training

Holders of a private pilot licence are authorised to fly an aircraft for non-commercial use only and for personal use only. Specifically intended for aviation enthusiasts who aspire to become pilots, the Private Pilot Training programme imparts the essential skills and information required to operate an aircraft. At Sha-Shib Flying Academy, our training courses are carefully designed to convey the necessary knowledge and skills, enabling students to become private pilots. By utilising state-of-the-art technologies and relentless devotion, we guarantee that students receive the best training possible to achieve their aviation dreams.

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