• Students should reach 15 minutes prior to the exam hall.
  • Each candidate will be provided with a seat and roll number. Candidates must locate their seats and occupy them.
  • Bags and books must be deposited in the common room.
  • Students should enter the details on the answer sheets at the start of the exam.
  • Follow the rules for the materials to be taken in the exam halls.
  • Nothing aside from the admit card will be allowed inside.
  • It is suggested to maintain a firm, upright body posture and face the camera when it approaches as candidates will be video recorded
  • Care must be taken to not possess any of the barred items stated on this page, either intentionally or unintentionally
  • It is advised to not carry any additional items as the exam centre does not take charge of any of your belongings.
  • Any eatable/beverage is not allowed in the hall. However, candidates with genuine medical conditions will be allowed after supervision.

Items which are barred in the examination hall

  • Mobile devices, pen drives, scanners, electronic pens, Bluetooth, earphones, microphones, pager, health bands and related accessories are not authorized.
  • Goggles, handbags, wallet, belt, cap, watch/wristwatch, camera, bracelet etc. is not permitted
  • Eatables – open or packed, water bottle etc. are not allowed
  • Please note the exam centre does not take responsibility for any of your belongings.

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