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Aircraft Maintenance Engineering + B.Sc.

Course Overview

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering involves the upkeep, repair, and resolution of issues that may arise in an aircraft while it is grounded. In accordance with aviation regulations, the departure of any aircraft requires clearance from a licensed AME, who plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety and security of the aircraft. This profession stands out as a top career choice within the aviation sector, and at IAE, we provide students with the opportunity to pursue it as an integrated program alongside a BSc degree. An innovative educational program known as the AME+ BSc dual course seamlessly integrates hands-on training and technical expertise from Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) with the comprehensive theoretical knowledge and academic rigour of a Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree. By combining a deep understanding of aircraft maintenance, underlying scientific principles, and a diverse skill set, this dual program offers students a well-rounded and holistic learning experience. Graduates of the AME+ BSc dual course open up a wide array of professional opportunities. They can embark on careers in organizations specializing in aircraft maintenance and repair, aerospace manufacturing companies, regulatory bodies, and aviation research, or take on managerial roles within the industry. Candidates possessing both practical skills and theoretical comprehension are often highly sought after by employers. The dual certification reflects a dedication to both the technical and intellectual aspects of the profession, providing a balanced education. Holding dual certification of AME+ BSc demonstrates a commitment to both the technical and intellectual aspects of the profession. This can enhance your professional standing and credibility among employers. Dual degree programs often provide opportunities to connect with professionals, professors, and peers from both fields, expanding your professional network. Simultaneously pursuing both courses enhances your chances of securing better job placements and provides a competitive advantage in both fields. A Bachelor of Science (BSc) program deepens your theoretical knowledge, while Aircraft Maintenance Engineering provides you with essential real-world experience, as required by the DGCA (Directorate General of Civil Aviation).


Individuals aspiring to enroll in this course should have successfully completed their 12th-grade education with Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics as their primary subjects from a recognized board, university, or its equivalent.

Course Syllabus

The AME+ BSc program is an integrated course that seamlessly combines the acquisition of an AME license with the completion of a BSc (AME) degree. The course syllabus for the AME+BSc dual course program encompasses a comprehensive blend of subjects, including both practical and theoretical components.

Fundamentals of Propulsion:

Introduction to propulsion systems and their role in aircraft movement. Balancing thrust and drag forces for hovering and acceleration. Understanding the principles of thrust generation and propulsion efficiency.

Electronics and Automatic Control Guidance:

Development of skills necessary for designing and implementing electronic control systems. Study of concepts, methods, and techniques for electronic circuit design. Focus on automated control systems and their applications in aviation.

Theory of Aerodynamics:

Exploration of the fundamental principles governing the behavior of airflow and wind rotation. Understanding how aerodynamics influences aircraft flight and performance. Application of aerodynamic concepts to aircraft design and optimization.

Structural Analysis:

Examination of load-bearing structures and their response to various loads. Analysis of how forces affect physical structures and their components. Application of structural analysis principles to aircraft, bridges, buildings, and other engineering structures.

Material Science:

Interdisciplinary study of material properties and their applications in science and engineering.

Coverage of applied physics and chemistry, as well as their relevance in various engineering disciplines.

These courses provide a strong foundation in both aircraft maintenance engineering (AME) and the scientific principles that underpin aviation. Students in the AME+BSc dual course program gain practical skills in aircraft maintenance and repair while also developing a deep understanding of the science and engineering concepts crucial to the aviation industry.

Career Opportunities

Graduates who hold a dual degree are highly adaptable and possess qualifications suitable for a wide range of career paths within the aviation sector. Completing the AME+BSc dual course provides graduates with a significant competitive advantage in the job market. Upon graduating from a recognized university, students are well-equipped to explore diverse career opportunities in the aviation industry, extending beyond Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME). These opportunities may include roles in organizations such as, DRDO, ISRO, NAL (National Aerospace Laboratories), HAL, as well as national and international airlines, aerospace companies, and aircraft manufacturers. Graduates can pursue various career tracks, including positions as scientists, engineers, or administrative professionals, depending on their chosen areas of specialization.

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