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M. Sc. (Computer Science)

Are you interested in knowing the world of computers, technology and innovation? Sha-Shib Group’s M.Sc in Computer Science course is a pathway towards a rapidly advancing field. Having a postgraduate degree in Computer Science can help secure a job in top companies that connect a community of professionals and researchers.

The faculty members who are passionate about guiding students to become top professionals provide industry insights and research expertise. The skill acquired is a toast for the future, as the digital revolution has arrived and shaped the future.

Overview of M.Sc in Computer Science

The post-graduation course complies with the evolving world of technology, for students who want to enhance their knowledge and skills in computer science. M.Sc. in Computer Science from institutes under the Sha-Shib Group builds a foundation in principles such as algorithms, data structures, and programming languages. The core course covers artificial intelligence, machine learning, cybersecurity, data science, software engineering, and more.


To be eligible for application, candidates must have secured 50% marks in their bachelor's degree and preferably graduated in Computer Science itself.

Course Syllabus

The core subjects covered are algorithms, operating systems, compiler design and database management systems. The common electives are artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, data science, software engineering and more.

Why Choose Our M.Sc. in Computer Science?

  • done Explore the Digital Frontier: Adapt to the evolving changes in the field of computer science, from artificial intelligence and machine learning. Be at the forefront of advanced technology.
  • done High-Paying Career Opportunities: All types of industries use computers and their simulation. Get hired by tech companies, startups, research institutes, and more.
  • done Cutting-Edge Curriculum: The course needs an updated curriculum designed by industry experts. Gain industry practices from classrooms and real-world challenges.
  • done Cybersecurity Expertise: Learn to guard from cyber threats with particular courses in cybersecurity. Protect digital assets satisfactorily. Data-Driven Decision Making: The data analysis and visualisation techniques can be mastered and master the power of data to business success.
  • done AI and Machine Learning: The advent of artificial intelligence and machine learning has increased the number of computer professionals hired. Then incorporate the number of intelligent systems that change the industry practices.
  • done Diverse Career Pathways: if you have a dream of becoming a software professional, data scientist, AI specialist or researcher, our course equips you for many roles.

Career and Future Prospects

The demand for skilled computer professionals has been rising and M.Sc in Computer Science opens doors to many opportunities.

Tech pioneer

Silicon valley is the nerve centre of computing, it needs a regular supply of top talent. Companies like Apple, Google, Facebook and other startups hire M.Sc. Computer Science graduates. Computer professionals take part in groundbreaking research and innovative projects towards competitive compensation packages.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Specialist

As advanced AI and machine learning have an immeasurable impact in reshaping all industries, the experts are in immense need of the functioning of the industry. M.Sc in Computer science takes up the task of designing intelligent systems, designing algorithms and developing automation software needed for other industries.

Cybersecurity Expert

Organisations are hiring cybersecurity experts to guard private and classified data. An M.Sc in Computer Science focuses on cybersecurity with skills to disarm hackers, secure networks, and ensure the digital safety of businesses and individuals.

Data Analyst

Data is termed as "new oil," and data scientists are grandest professionals. Their tasks include managing vast datasets and helping businesses make data-driven decisions. Data science professionals can work in finance, healthcare, e-commerce and any industry where data analysis is having paramount importance.

Software Engineer

Developing software is the main purpose of the tech industry. M.Sc. in Computer Science graduates get hired in jobs such as software architects, designing complex systems, software engineers, and coding software solutions.

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