Sha - Shib Group is a pioneer and explorer in the field of higher education and is passionate about enriching the youth with the latest technology and up-to-date educational curriculums that gives students an advantage in the entire career field. The global technological scenario is changing faster than ever, and there is a great demand for technical professionals who can keep pace with the change. With this end in view, the Sha-Shib Group was established in 1991 at Bhopal (M.P.) to impart high-quality education in the fields of management and Applied Sciences.

The group has covered a long distance in the direction of its vision and presently empowering young boys & girls joining our institutions, with creativity to meet the challenges of the 21st century with High calibre faculties, a conducive atmosphere and an innovative, enjoyable and holistic learning environment that enhances individual success. Relentless efforts made by the founder director led to adding of many branches across India to the group. It established its name in South Asia as The Largest Group for imparting training in the field of aircraft maintenance engineering with the help of dedicated experienced faculties, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and equipment with a commendable background.


We make every decision that enables us to better educate our students for career success by supporting the personal development of our learners and updating our curriculum and teaching techniques in order to produce graduates with the necessary skills to sustain individual career success in the global economy.


Providing global employers and society with skilled manpower is a fundamental requirement for economic success and contribution to the community. To produce world-class technocrats who can get good jobs & contribute a lot to fulfilling the dream project of making our dear nation a superpower with all progress and prosperity.

An Overview

Though rule 61 has seen amendments from time to time to add more value to it or become an enabling regulation for enhancement of global acceptability of AME licence issued by DGCA Govt. of India, the basic fabric of the regulation that is encompassing the below requirement from (i to iv) in general, continued to be the same as it conforms to ICAO annex-1 requirements. The approval for basic training organization (approved under rule 133B and presently CAR-147 Basic) was given so that students can be trained properly as regulated by DGCA Govt. of India (the sole regulatory authority pertaining to civil aviation Govt. of India). In fact, CAR-147 Basic AME Institutes play an important role in passing the DGCA examinations (modules) and skill development through practical training in aircraft maintenance.

Rule 61 of Aircraft rule1937 (the governing rule to issue AME licence)

  • Age of the applicant

  • Practical maintenance experience of the applicant

  • Successful completion of relevant DGCA examination papers and demonstration of capabilities thereafter by the applicant

  • Medical fitness of the applicant

In short, AME is a skill-based profession where the experience of aircraft plays a vital role in any effective maintenance task completion. Accordingly, more job opportunities are available for such experience and skilled maintenance personnel. Hence to provide effective training to students DGCA mandates some basic infrastructure facilities as per its approved MTOE (Maintenance Training Organisation Exposition) for individual institutes like:

  1. Aircraft
  2. Modern classrooms
  3. Engine labs
  4. Instrument Labs
  5. Electrical Labs
  6. Airframe Labs
  7. Computer Labs
  8. Welding Shops
  9. Machine Shops
  10. Technical Library, etc
  11. Tie-ups with Various independent aircraft maintenance repair organizations approved under DGCA regulation CAR-145.

With the above mandatory facilities from DGCA, Sha-Shib Group have additional exclusive infrastructure & facilities like:

  • Centralized National Academic Council

Our National Academic Council is led by a resource pool, encompassing ex-DGCA officials, licenced Aircraft Maintenance Engineers, Quality Managers, Maintenance Managers, Continuing Airworthiness Managers approved under DGCA CAR-145, CAR-M etc., and various industry experts for monitoring the standard of training provided to our student in AME training organizations, approved under CAR-147 (Basic).

  • 21+ Functional aircraft

Our own 21+ Functional Aircraft facilitates in acquiring knowledge of various aviation-related practicals with different types of functional aircraft placed at its different institute locations across PAN India during our internal practical visits

  • 6 MROs

We have more than 6 different independent MROs (Aircraft Maintenance Repair Organisations) approved under DGCA CAR-145 regulations where aircraft/ aircraft components of other organizations are received for overhauling and maintenance as per DGCA CAR-145 regulations. Students of Sha-Shib Group undergo practical visits to these Aircraft Maintenance Repair Organisations so as to acquire the knowledge of maintenance experience on live aircraft/ components in a controlled system as per government norms which will help to acquire maintenance experience in actual working environments and systems.

  1. Aerospace Research and Development Centre’s (Approved base under CAR-145 by DGCA Govt. of India)
    1. Guwahati
    2. Jamshedpur (Sonari Airport)
    3. Bhubaneswar (International Airport)
  2. International Aircraft Sales Pvt. Ltd. (Approved base under CAR-145 by DGCA Govt. of India)
    1. Bhopal
  3. SFA (Approved base under CAR-145 by DGCA Govt. of India)
    1. Guna Airport
  4. Hindustan Aerospace & Engineering (Approved base under CAR-145 by DGCA Govt. of India)
    1. Saswad -Pune
    2. Karad Airport
  5. Indian Aerospace & Engineering (Approved base under CAR-145 by DGCA Govt. of India)
    1. Mumbai
  6. Utkal Aerospace & Engineering (Approved base under CAR-145 by DGCA Govt. of India)
    1. Bhubaneswar
    1. Ratlam Airport
    2. Chhindwara Airport
    3. Adityapur Industrial Area
    4. Gurgaon
  • 2 CAMOs

We have 2 different independent CAMOs approved under DGCA CAR-M Subpart G, Govt. of India, where students will be allowed to understand the actual working of aircraft continuing airworthiness, management and record-keeping process in a controlled environment as per international standards, during our internal practical visits.

  • Quality Department

During practical visits, to our Various Quality Departments of CAR-145, CAR-147 (Basic), and CAR-M Subpart G (CAMO) organizations, where learners can know the audit process and programs with the standard of DGCA.

  • 15+ Licenced Engineers

As Sha-Shib Group has many licensed maintenance engineers as per the scope of approval for maintaining aircraft of different entities it is a huge boon for the students of Sha-Shib to interact and acquire the required skill so as to become a successful AME.

  • Students Alumni

Students’ alumni of Sha-Shib working in different national and international airlines across the globe is an added advantage for the students of Sha-Shib.

  • Certification & Training Capsules

There are a lot of Certifications and training capsules that are given to selected students undergoing dual programs which help them to enhance their skills and knowledge in order to face the competitive world.

  • International Presence

The International Presence of the Sha-Shib group will help the higher studies in respective fields at various regulatory bodies located in different parts of the world.

  • 32 Years of experience

The group has more than 31 years of experience in running various colleges recognized by different educational boards like AICTE, NCTE, UGC, Different reputed universities, Technical and Non-Technical government departments etc. in addition to our institutes approved by DGCA.

  • Additional support with Preparatory Classes as per International regulatory bodies

The Group also offers additional support to the students interested in passing the AME module examinations conducted by various International aviation regulatory bodies like EASA, CAAN, GCAA, BCAA, CAAB, DCA Myanmar, CAA Sri Lanka, etc. by providing respective preparatory classes.

Sha-Shib Group's Dual Program

Unit-Base of Sha-Shib

Program    1

Program 2 Program 3 Program 4 Program 5 Program 6 Program 7
Gurugram AME + B.Sc (PCM)         AME+BBA (General)  
Bhubaneswar AME + B.Sc (PCM)         AME+BBA (General)  
Jamshedpur AME + B.Sc (PCM)         AME+BBA (General)  
Guna AME + (3 Years Graduation)         AME+BBA (General)  
Bhopal AME + B.Tech (Mech.) AME+B.Tech (CSE) AME+B.Tech (ESE) AME+BSc (Math) AME+BSc (IT) AME+BBA (General) AME+BCA (General)
Mumbai AME + BBA (Aviation)     AME + B.Sc (PCM)       AME+BBA (General)  
Pune AME + (3 Years Graduation)         AME+BBA (General)  
Bengaluru AME+ B.Tech (Aeronautical) AME+B.Tech (Mech.) AME+B.Tech (CSE) AME+B.Tech (ESE) AME+BBA (Aviation) AME+BBA (General)  
Cochin AME + BBA (Aviation)         AME+BBA (General)  

Sha-Shib group has always emboldened and strengthened students to undergo Bachelor of Engineering in Aeronautics/ Mechanical/ Computer Science/ Electronics and Communication Engineering or any other graduation course along with the AME program (approved by DGCA, Govt. of India). This initiative paves the way for students to avail the dual program, that is in addition to the Aircraft Maintenance Engineers license opportunities, they can pursue the academic opportunities relevant to their degree of graduation as well. Students, after passing the degree from a recognized university, will additionally equip themselves to broaden and widen their further scope in Aviation Industry - besides Aircraft Maintenance Engineering(AME) field-- like working in DGCA, DRDO, ISRO, NAAL, HAL and furthermore, in various National & International Airlines/ Aerospace Industries/ Aircraft Manufacturing Companies. Additionally, depending upon their subject specialization, they can function as Scientists /Engineers/ various administrative post holders etc. as well.

Besides the above, students after completing this dual program i.e., AME with a bachelor of engineering/ graduation program can go for their higher studies, and appear in examinations like IAS, IPS or any public service examinations, so as to brighten and widen their career opportunities.

AME with a bachelor of engineering can apply for the GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test Examination) as well.

A candidate who has licensed AME with graduation/post-graduation, after a certain period of Aviation Industry experience as a certifying engineer, can also apply for top administrative posts in MRO.

Students, who take longer to get a licence in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering, having done a degree program along with this AME course can go for higher studies in the intervening period or can seek employment otherwise, which will really keep them guided, directed and motivated.

In summary, it can be said, AME courses at any Sha-Shib Group Training Organisation have a perfectly blended curriculum encompassing classroom teachings and skill development through in-house practical, as well as task training in reputed MROs. Classroom teachings are backed by trained and professionally competent faculties, aircraft system simulation mock-ups, various workshops, laboratories and a library. Skill developments are pursued through basic workshop activities, in-house practical sessions in the institute's aircraft and furthermore, and training activities in the actual maintenance environment in MROs as well. All the above activities are supported by various infrastructures which are readily available and are of the best quality. Above all, the curriculum is keenly monitored by effective senior management like an academic council, and a dedicated training division to name a few. Therefore, AME courses in Sha-Shib Group Training Organisations are crafted to make an ideal pathway for enrolled students to pursue their future career prospects as AME with ease of learning and skill development. We at Sha-Shib Group wish you the best in every walk of life.

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