Institute of Aeronautics & Engineering, BhopalIAE Bhopal

IAE Bhopal excels in the field of education in Aviation technology and IAE stands for Institute of Aeronautics & Engineering, standing tall, close to the city. 

AME(Aircraft Maintenance Engineering) courses are classified into four categories such as B1.1, B1.2, B1.3 and Avionics Category B2. The Directorate of Civil Aviation approved aviation courses in Bhopal as early as in the year 2002.

Aviation regulations have changed in the 21st century, and IAE Bhopal is one of the CAR 147-approved institutes in India, the course meets the requirements of national and international standards. The directorate general of civil aviation is under the ministry of civil aviation and it directly regulates the syllabus followed in aviation institutes in India.

IAE is having a dual program course, that is DGCA CAR 147 approved and it’s a good opportunity for enrolling in an AME course with a Bachelor's Degree in Technology(B.Tech) or Science(B.Sc.) or Management(BBA, BCA).

Indian Aerospace & Engineering, Navi Mumbai

IAE Mumbai

IAE stands for Indian Aerospace & Engineering, approved by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation, Ministry of Civil Aviation (DGCA) follows the DGCA Car curriculum.IAE, Navi Mumbai has a three-year course for AME, where learners can have practical training in airports and dedicated staff handling theory classes.

The aviation courses in IAE are approved by DGCA having Aircraft maintenance and engineering students doing practical training in Maintenance organizations (MROs), giving them instructions in a real working environment. IAE, Mumbai is one of the CAR 147-approved institutes in India, administered by the Sha-Shib group. The syllabus followed by this ISO 9001:2015 institute is DGCA CAR 147 approved and foreign airline companies trust the curriculum by Sha-Shib Group, the largest in South Asia in training in the field of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering.

Hindustan Aerospace & Engineering, Pune

Hindustan Aerospace and Engineering is a pioneer institute with dedicated and experienced faculties, a calm academic environment, modern infrastructure, and the Best DGCA exam results.

HAE is situated in Aundh, Pune and it has been imparting an Aircraft Maintenance Engineering course since 2005, the year DGCA Approved the Institute's course. At present, HAE has grown to be one of the best CAR 147-approved institutes in India.

CAR-147 is the regulatory requirement for the AME course approved by DGCA, under the Ministry of Civil Aviation. Hindustan Aerospace and engineering is doing best under the support of Sha-Shib Group, which has gained the name of the largest group in south Asia in the field of aviation education. DGCA CAR 147 is issued from Aircraft Rule 1937 passed by the Indian parliament.

The institute is one of CAR 147 approved institutes in India under the banner of Sha-Shib group which is well known as The Largest Group in South Asia providing education in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering. Sha-Shib group has completed 31 years of providing academic courses around the world.

Academy of Aviation & Engineering, BangaloreAAE Bengaluru

Established in 2010, with an Excellent faculty of 220 staff, is one of the best institutes to pursue your dream career in the aviation industry. The strength of the course is that it follows DGCA CAR-147. The institute has state-of-the-art infrastructure, world-class training equipment, and a perfect educational environment.

The Academy of Aviation and engineering has collaborated with airline companies, other airline institutes, maintenance and aircraft repair companies, and flying clubs for CPL training and maintenance bases. It has a vibrant student community where the beautiful campus awaits you and is an ideal place for good weather, study, and relaxation.

AAE takes up the task of training students for 3 years toward the AME license exam. But merely completing the course will not make a student an AME engineer. Students need to attend the AME license exam, conducted by DGCA and pass that examination.AME is completely different from the Aeronautical Engineer Course, which deals with the maintenance of aircraft rather than design and research.

Sha-Shib Aviation Academy, Cochin

Sha-Shib academy is known as SSA, a premier aviation institute in Cochin, by providing world-class technical education and up-to-date practical training on modern flying machines to students.

SSA provides academic and technical courses in the aviation field and is one of the CAR 147-approved institutes in India.

The institute is in a prime location and has a highly qualified faculty with expertise in various areas of aviation and allied fields. The education model in Kerala is ideal and adaptable to other states of India. It powers the students to achieve their dream.

The syllabus in SSA is approved by DGCA and it follows CAR147 under the banner of Sha-Shib Group. Sha-Shib Group is a leader in providing aviation institutes with necessary support with 7+ AME Institutes across India, 30+ Approved Courses across Sha-Shib, 15+ colleges across India, 4+ Maintenance and Repair Companies and 21+ functional aircraft.

Utkal Aerospace & Engineering, Bhubaneshwar

Utkal Aerospace and Engineering is a premier aviation training institute, located in Bhuvaneshwar, and a multi-disciplinary academy giving training in AME, commercial pilot training, and other aviation courses. It was established in 2003 and has produced highly dignified DGCA CAR 147 technicians all around the world.

Sha-Shib Group aims to provide aviation and its allied courses under DGCA specifications to create world-class Aviation professionals from India. The training at DGCA-approved institutes is to make students ready for a live environment in the maintenance of aeroplanes in air bases and airports. 

The institute provides technical education and discipline to students, making them technologically superior, and improving their skills in the aviation industry.

Sha-Shib Aerospace & Engineering, Gurugram

SSAE, Gurugram is one of the premier aviation institutes in India, founded in 2006, and established a reputation in aircraft maintenance engineering and aviation-related courses. It has a large campus, with a strong emphasis on updated aircraft technology, attracting top aviation students from all over India and the world.

The institute follows the syllabus of DGCA Car 147 supported by the Ministry of Civil Aviation. SSAE has 3-year courses in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering in categories B1.1(Mechanical) & B2(Avionics).

SAE is located in the National Capital Region (NCR) of India and has emerged as one of the most important economic centres of India in the last decade. SAE is located in Gurgaon (Gurugram), a major city in the NCR. The city is popularly known as "Cyber City" and "Millennium City".

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