You might have heard – “Aviation sector is low paid” it’s a myth. It is the booming sector with an increase in demand for pilots, air hostess, ground staff, AME, and Aeronautical engineers every day. Considering the Aviation courses needs a lot of dedication and passion to fly.

The best thing about recommending a career in the Aviation sector is you don’t need to pursue a degree, especially from any college; you can also opt for Institutes (Govt. approved) and step in the aviation sector. Moreover, if you are from a PCM (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics) Background, you can go for the top aviation course after completion of your school.

The Aviation training courses offer a mix of practical and theory sessions. It provides a hands-on experience that is invaluable and boosts the career.

It is a best-paid job, and top institutes for Aviation courses prepare students to face real job challenges. There are age limits, fitness tests, a physical examination for selection in addition to the certifications and working experience.

Listed here are a top demanding JOB ORIENTED AVIATION COURSES

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1. Aircraft Maintenance Engineering:

An Aircraft Maintenance engineer ensures the safety of the airplanes and ensures that it operates properly before every takeoff. They are also liable to support and serve at the time of emergency repairs and make a schedule check. If you want to pursue your career as an AME Academy Of Aviation & Engineering, Bangaluru offers the best program.

2. Aeronautical Engineering:

With an unlimited future career option, an Aeronautical engineer is one who is involved in the research and development and designing of the aircraft. If you want to learn about technical things and construction technology, it is a perfect career choice. Institute of Aeronautics & Engineering, Bhopal helps you to learn and become an Aeronautical engineer.

3. Commercial Pilot training:

A pilot is the next most common career option after Air-hostess in the Aviation sector. To be a commercial pilot, you need a license and continue your degree by making a good amount of money. Sha-shib Flying Academy, Guna, and its other centers offer the best commercial pilot training in India.

4. Cabin Crew and Ground Staff:

It is a perfect career option for those who want to get jobs around the aviation sector. It’s a clear option for those who don’t require any especial airlines skills but has to focus only on the comfort and safety of the passengers traveling.  Quetzal Air Hostess & Hospitality Academy (Qaha), Maharashtra, offers the best training for air hostess and Ground staff.

 Other Engineering courses:

Offered some other engineering courses by SHA-SHIB Group are structural, electrical, mechanical, and aeronautical engineering. It is a technical field full of design, innovations, and creativity. At Sha-Shib, the students develop their practical and theoretical knowledge by developing national-level projects.

Besides, there are many other additional options open for the students; they may be open for other courses like cargo pilots, military (transport, fighter, and instructor) pilot, administrative chief pilot, customer service specialist, aircraft designer, and plenty more based on your talent and interest.

If you are planning to give a new shape and apply in the aviation sector, Sha-Shib Group is one perfect choice, which brings a lot of opportunities for the students and gives wings to fly!