In the aviation industry, the Aircraft Engineers are also known as Aircraft Technicians. Getting into the Aircraft Maintenance offers a fantastic career option and gives great opportunities to work closely on aircraft.

Here is a complete guide for the aircraft maintenance engineers.

The aircraft engineers are high in demand and get an attractive package as well. The demand for aircraft engineers is high not only in India but in different other countries as well.

What is the Job Description?

An aircraft maintenance engineer is responsible to offer safe operating conditions and ensures that the aircraft gets operated safely.

They are also liable to work on troubleshooting problems and fix the errors like wiring, tires, instruments, etc. Providing perfect scheduled maintenance, emergency repair, and all other required inspections are the main job descriptions of the aircraft maintenance engineers.

Working Hours and nature:

There is a different working nature and the engineer works on a shift basis. They may also work for long hours and need basically to cover the task. To cover the flying hours the engineers also work on the weekends based on the choices. Weather condition check, height, etc.


Who is eligible for the post as an aircraft maintenance engineer?

Those applicants who can secure more than 50% in subjects like Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics and then after pursuing the course as an aircraft maintenance engineer basically holds the license.


Salary Outlook

The basic salary of the engineer depends upon the experience, location, company, and type of aircraft. Initially, the salary starts from a range of 7-8 lac p.a in India. If you are looking to expand your career outside India than the average salary range from 40 to 80$ per annum.

Canada – Starting $40000 yearly.

United States – Starting $60000 yearly.

United Arab Emirates – Starting $78000 yearly.

United Kingdom – Starting $50000 yearly.

Australia – Starting $55000 yearly.


Further, the salary may also depend on an hourly basis. The next thing which categorizes the aviation salary is the size of the aircraft service, experience, license, etc.

Further, there are other benefits enjoyed such as the paid holidays, some retirement and holiday plans, insurance plans and many (sick and paid) leave benefits. Many times based on the designation and the company the special privilege for the engineers is provided like the travel benefit.



The airline sector also offers the opportunity to aircraft maintenance engineer to work as a freelancer. Now the aviation sector has an increasing number of women pilots and the number of girls in pursuing their career in the Aviation sector as an engineer. It is a perfect rewarding and exciting option.

Pursuing a career in the Aviation sector is no more difficult as there are many institutes who provide courses and a valid license that actively supports. Sha-Shib is one such institute that brings opportunities for those who like to build a career in the aviation academy.