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AME Job Profile

An Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME) works in the commercial and public service sectors, performing a range of processes on aircrafts maintenance. The aircraft maintenance engineers (AME) have a critical responsibility to work professionally to ensure the safety of Aircraft’s and maintain it in airworthy conditions. Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME) issues the certificates of flight release which declares the aircraft airworthy and fit for flying. Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME) is the sole responsible person for the maintenance and overhaul of aircraft, aero engine, instruments, electrical and radio equipments and their accessories.

SHA-SHIB Group of Institutions is the largest group in South Asia for Imparting Training in the Field of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME). We have 7 leading and Progressive Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) colleges in India that provides state of Art Training on Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME). It offers aircraft maintenance engineering (AME) courses in India. This is a 2-year course, comprised of 4 semesters, and which focuses on practical as well as theoretical learning. The course is aimed at developing fundamental, along with industry-oriented expertise, so that the students deliver what the industry needs, and thus contribute to taking the industry to the next level.

All the seven institutes under Sha-Shib Group are dully approved by DGCA, Ministry of Civil Aviation, Govt. of India under CAR 147(Basic. The training program is designed from the viewpoint of the industry’s demands and to support the growth of the industry, and its workforce requirement. Besides, every student enjoys individual attention for a better understanding of aircraft maintenance concepts. This is the reasons why Sha-Shib group is the first choice for aircraft maintenance engineering (AME) course.

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AME Courses

Currently, there is a dearth of aircraft maintenance engineers in the country. The unemployment rate is extremely minimal.

Aeronautical engineers, wanting to be AMEs must obtain the necessary AME license, and for which, it is necessary to gain practical experience in accordance with the civil aviation requirements, also pass the AME license papers by DGCA.

No, there isn’t any. Currently, the country is experiencing a paucity of licensed AMEs.

The industry is growing, and in the near future, India intends to become one of the largest civil aviation markets across the globe. This refers to a lot of civil aviation job opportunities, therefore, making it a lucrative career for the qualified professionals.


There are various duties of an aircraft maintenance engineer which needs to be followed diligently.

The maintenance engineer certifies and issue the airworthiness certificate for flying the aircraft.

The duties are very critical of an aircraft engineer and we make sure to offer a course that covers all the aspects of being a good Aircraft engineer. As we are a reputed institution we make sure the Aircraft Maintenance Engineering course for our students is a delightful and helpful experience. Our institute students have built classic records of achievement in all the streams of aircraft maintenance job.